What is router

A router is a physical or virtual device that receives analysis and moves incoming packets to another network. It is also used to convert the packets to a different network interface and drop them. It finds the fastest way to reach the destination and then proceed accordingly. A router is also work as a gateway where two or more networks interact at every point of an internet presence.

Types of router

1. Wireless router or wifi

Wifi router is used to give internet access into laptops, mobiles and other devices. The signals that are coming from your ISP can be converted by a wifi router that works as a modem and router both some time.

2. Virtual router

A virtual router is a conceptual object, which is used in a computer sharing a network as a default router.

3. Core router

Core router is a type of router which delivers packets of Internet data in a network, but it doesn't distribute the data packets between multiple different networks.

4. Edge router

The edge router is the exact opposite of the core router. Edge router distributes the Internet data packets between the multiple different networks but does not distribute the internet data packet within a network.

What is IP address

Just as your home address indicates where you live, your IP address tells your device's address. Through IP address you can connect your computer to other devices on your network and all over the world. The IP address can be in number or character. Every device that is connected to the internet contains a unique IP address.

IP versions: 

There are two types of IP virions first one is IPv4 and the second one is IPv6

Types of IP address
  1. Public IP address
  2. Private IP address
  3. Static IP address
  4. Dynamic IP address

Popular Ip Address Login Login Login Login Login

Popular Misspelled Ip Address

192.168.l.254 Login
192.168.l.l Login
192.168.0.l Login
192.168.l.1 Login
192.168.o.1 Login Login

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