5553jtech - dedicated wifi router (dwr) Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: dedicated wifi router (dwr)

Username: -

Password: -

IP Address:

Brand: 3jtech

Default IP for dedicated wifi router (dwr)

How to troubleshoot the router 3JTech - Dedicated Wifi Router (DWR)

  • If your router and other devices are connected through ethernet cable then make sure cables are plugged in tightly.
  • If there is more than one router on your router’s network then ensure that the correct router is set as the default gateway.
  • Check if there is a new update available for your model by going to your router’s brand official site.
  • Ensure the IP address you have entered while login into the router is the correct IP address of your router.
  • Make sure the username and password you are entering while logging into the router is the right username and password of your router.