555acelink - br-6774ac Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: br-6774ac

Username: admin

Password: admin

IP Address:

Brand: acelink

Default IP for br-6774ac

Default logins for br-6774ac

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password admin

How to secure your router Acelink - BR-6774AC

  • Change the login information of your router.
  • Turn off the remote management of your router.
  • Turn off Universal Plug and Play. If you keep it turned it on you will allow software running on your device to configure services like port forwarding.
  • Set your WiFi to WPA2 and then set a strong passphrase.
  • Disable the logging of your router.
  • Make sure your router’s firmware is updated.
  • Give the physical protection to your router. All your security will be wasted if someone can access your router physically because every router has a reset button, pressing it will reset the router. When your router is reset, all the settings of your router will be erased and it will be back to the default setting and then it will be very easy to anyone to enter in your router using the default username and password.