555adb - p.dg a4001n a-000-1a1-ae Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: p.dg a4001n a-000-1a1-ae

Username: admin

Password: admin

IP Address:

Brand: adb

Default IP for p.dg a4001n a-000-1a1-ae

Default logins for p.dg a4001n a-000-1a1-ae

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password admin

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password password

How to configure ADB - P.DG A4001N A-000-1A1-AE router

To configure the router ADB – P.DG A4001N A-000-1A1-AEĀ  you will have to go to its control page. So for going to the control panel, enter the router’s IP address in the browser and go to the login page. Now you can configure your router after logging in to the control panel.

While configuring, keep in mind that you do not disturb the basic settings of the router due to which your router stops working properly.