555ambit_microsystems - t60c237 Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: t60c237

Username: root

Password: root

IP Address:

Brand: ambit_microsystems

Default IP for t60c237

Default logins for t60c237

IP Address:
Username: root
Password root

How to configure the guest Wi-Fi and multi-SSID of the Ambit Microsystems - T60C237 router

  • Gain the access of your router’s admin page by logging in.
  • Find the option “Guest Network”.
  • Now see if the check box of “Enable SSID Broadcast” is checked or not.
  • If the checkbox is not checked then check it by clicking on the box.
  • Now it’s time to give your guest network a name and click on the apply button to save the setting.