555ambit_microsystems - u10c007.60 Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: u10c007.60

Username: root

Password: root

IP Address:

Brand: ambit_microsystems

Default IP for u10c007.60

Default logins for u10c007.60

IP Address:
Username: root
Password root

How to gain the accessibility of the Ambit Microsystems - U10C007.60 router

To gain the access of the router you will just have to login to the router and then you’ll have the access of your router. To login to your Ambit Microsystems – U10C007.60 router you must have the credentials and ip address of your router. So if you don’t have an IP address and credentials and now you’re wondering what to do then just use the default credentials and IP address mentioned for your router on this page.