555belkin - F5D7632-4 v6 Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: F5D7632-4 v6

Username: admin

Password: -

IP Address:

Brand: belkin

Default IP for F5D7632-4 v6

Default logins for F5D7632-4 v6

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password -

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password password

How to reset the Belkin F5D7632-4 v6 Router

Follow these easy steps to reset your router:

  • To reset the router you need to find the reset button and that reset button is usually behind the router.
  • When you find the reset button, you have to press and hold the reset button for at least 20 t0 30 seconds.
  • When the time is up, you will see some changes in the light of the router, which means that your router has reset.
  • Now, wait until the router reboots.