555bt - Home Hub 1.5 Default Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default Login For: Home Hub 1.5

Username:  'randomly generated''

Password: admin

IP Address:

Brand: bt

Default IP for Home Hub 1.5

Default logins for Home Hub 1.5

IP Address:
Username: 'randomly generated''
Password admin

How to troubleshoot the router when you can't log in to BT Home Hub 1.5 Router

  • Ensure the router cable is connected to the computer
  • Check if your internet is working well or not.
  • If the IP address you are writing to login to the router is incorrect, then there can be two reasons –
  1. The IP address you are entering is not the IP address of your router. Therefore, ensure that the IP address is correct.
  2. If you have more than one router in your network, make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to the correct router.