AirVPN Review – 2021

AirVPN Review - 2021

AirVPN is an Italy-based VPN service which has a good reputation in the market for their VPN service. AirVPN offers 138 servers across 16 countries to their customers. It protects your data using encryption cipher AES-256 so, if you want to use VPN for security then it will be a good choice for you.

Why should I choose AirVPN

AirVPN Review offers great security and privacy so for those who want to use VPN for security and privacy purposes then you can choose it. It offers a free trial for three days so, if you are not sure about this then you can try its free trial and then if you like its service you can purchase its paid version. AirVPN has its own IP for their servers which so, every person using the same server will be sharing an IP address, which means it will be difficult to identify individuals.

Mostly used for

  • This can be used for streaming Netflix and Hulu.
  • Can be used for torrenting and downloading.
  • AirVPN is good for security and privacy.


  • AirVPN provides a three-day free trial.
  • AirVPN doesn’t keep data logs so you will be secured with them.
  • Impressive and user-friendly interface.
  • AirVPN focus on encryption and privacy.
  • The status of the server will be transparent.


  • In comparison to other popular VPN service provider, AirVPN doesn’t provide much server locations.
  • Blocks ipv6
  • There is no protection against ads and malware.

Pricing and Plans

AirVPN offers three days of free trial so that people can test their service before purchasing the paid version. To receive the three days free trial you will need to request to their support team and they will send you a voucher. Now talking about paid plans then it has as short as 3 days and as long as a year. The three days subscription costs $2.22, $7.76 for a one-month subscription, $5.54 per month for three months plan and  $4.52 per month for an annual subscription. The monthly plan is quite expensive in comparison to other VPNs but if you choose a three-month plan then the monthly price will drop. The three days plan will be best for those who want to use VPN for few days.

There is one thing we will want to mention that all plans offer the same features so there is no need to buy a longer plan for extra features. So you should select your plan in according to the time of requirement because every plan will offer the same features.


  •  The first thing you will notice while installing the application of AirVPN is that its installation is quite easy. Unlike other VPNs website, you won’t have to search the whole website to find a download option. The installation process is easy and will only take few minutes to complete the process.
  • After installing the application here comes the configuration process which is easier. As expected the user interface was user friendly. There will be a section to monitor the statistics of servers across different countries. You also will be able to monitor the speed of your network.
  • There will also other features like built-in DNS protection, dynamic server selection and other statistics to find the best server for you.
  • There will be an option like enabling the firewall. By enabling the firewall you will be able to prevent any traffic from exiting or entering inside of the VPN tunnel.​
  • They store the logs so that you can monitor activities going on the backend. Actually, they never store the logs they provide you logs so that you can monitor activities.
  • You will be able to choose the best server for you because of the transparency of AirVPN. You can check detailed information about any server.


  • We did the speed test and the result was good there was not any decline in speed. So, we think its quite good for speed and doesn’t affect or slow down the speed.
  • After testing the speed we did the security check and the result was positive. There wasn’t any issue with security or privacy which means you can trust AirVPN for your security and privacy.
  • It is unable to handle ipv6 requests so it blocks ipv6. It prevents DNS leaking by blocking the ipv6 requests.

Privacy and Security

They don’t keep the track data logs and it is an Italy based company so you can trust AirVPN for your privacy. AirVPN supports OpenVPN protocol and provides it on all major platform. They use advanced DNS routing system to bypass the area restriction. So, you will be able to access any restricted website or streaming. Overall this is one of the best VPN services for security and privacy and allows you to bypass the geographic-based restrictions.