How to setup wifi router

Setup Wifi Image

Whenever you buy a new router the technician of the router’s company comes and set up the router but in case you want to do it by yourself then continue reading.

To set up the WiFi router you will have to connect the router to the computer which is attached to the broadband modem. By doing so the automated configuration software enables, without any intermediate devices along the way, to acquire the information it needs.

  1. Turn the power off of your broadband modem (in case there is not on/off button then remove the power supply of your modem)
  2. Now attach the¬†power adapter to the wireless router’s back panel.
  3. Insert the adapter into an AC outlet.
  4. Then you will have to connect an Ethernet cable to the broadband modem.
  5. Now turn on the power of your modem.
  6. Then plug in the other end of your Ethernet cable in the WAN port of your router. If you have no idea where is the WAN port on your router then look for it at the backside of your router.
  7. Now take another Ethernet cable and insert its one end into the LAN port of your router. Then insert another end of same Ethernet cable into your broadband modem.
  8. Then you will have to open the browser in the connected computer and open the browser.
  9. After opening the browser you will need to enter the IP address of your router.
  10. The IP address of your router will take you to the login page where you will have to enter the username and password and login into the router.
  11. Once you login into the router, you will see the home screen of the built-in setup system.