Ideal internet speed

Ideal internet speed

Before talking about ideal internet speed let’s talk about how the speed of the Internet is measured. You must have heard somewhere that the computer only understands binary numbers, that is why everything on the computer is represented by 1 and 0. Every 1 and 0 are called bits and the Internet is measured by the capability of transferring the number of bits per second.

A good internet speed is considered to be around 30 megabytes per seconds. But even this speed will not be considered good if the work that you want to do on the internet, can not be done without any hindrance. That is why if you are able to do any work on the internet without hindrance then you have good internet speed.

Good internet speed for zoom

Zoom calling

If you work mostly from home, then you will have to attend a meeting in video calling. If you do video calling with zoom then you should know good internet speed for this so that you can attend the meeting without any interception. The bandwidth recommended for zoom calling is 600kbps (up/down) and if you want a high-quality video then you should have 1.2Mbps (up/down) for 720p HD video.

Good internet speed for working from home

Working from home

The internet speed to work from home should be 1 Mbps of upload speed and 10 Mbps for downloading. If you have 5 to 10 Mbps internet speed, then you can work from home without any interruption.

Good internet speed for streaming


Usually, 3 Mbps internet speed is considered a good internet speed for streaming but in case there is more than one device connected then you will need the higher internet speed. In case you want to stream in 1080p or 720p, then you must have at least 5 Mbps internet speed. For 4k seamless streaming, you will need the internet speed of 25 Mbps.

Good internet speed for gaming

Online gaming

For gaming, the internet speed should be at least 3 Mbps (download speed and 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed). If you don’t have at least 3 Mbps internet speed then your gaming experience will be not so good. In case you have connected multiple devices then you will need higher than 3 Mbps internet speed.

Good internet speed for live streaming

Live streaming

A good internet speed varies from platform to platform for example if you want to upload live stream on YouTube then you should have at least 61.5 Mbps to upload uninterrupted live streaming. Now let’s talk about how much internet speed will you need on the basis of some popular platforms.

For Facebook live streaming: Facebook recommends 4,000 kbps, for live streaming and 128 kbps for max audio.

For YouTube live streaming: YouTube recommends 1,500 and 4,000 kbps for video and 128 kbps for audio.

For Twitter live streaming: To live stream on Twitter you should have 2,500 and 4,000 kbps internet speed for video and 160 kbps for audio.

Good internet speed for video calling

Video calling

For doing uninterrupted video calling you should have 500 kbps internet speed (8 Mbps download / 1.5 Mbps upload). For high-quality video calling 1.2 Mbps internet speed considered as a good internet speed.

How to take the speed test of the internet

Internet speed tester

There are so many websites and application on the internet to check the internet speed. When you test your internet speed on those websites or applications they will tell you the download and upload speeds along with ping time. The ping timing is a time duration it takes your request to reach on the server and server to respond you. When you are testing your internet speed your internet connection can be slower in comparison to normal speed so make sure you check your internet speed several times.

What factors affect the internet speed

  • Internet speed depends on what you are doing on the internet, like if you are uploading on the internet then you will need a high internet in comparison to downloading.
  • If there is a more than one user of your internet speed will become slow, so how many users have connected to your internet affect the speed of your internet.
  • You will need a higher internet speed for video calling or live streaming. If you don’t have internet speed required for live streaming or video calling then your internet will work slow.