Types of IP address

Types of IP address

What is the IP address?

Before talking about types of IP address, firstly, we should understand what the IP address is. The full form IP address is “Internet Protocol”. The IP address is a set of numbers assigned to each device connected to a computer network. The devices connected to computer networks use the IP address to communicate. To understand the IP address in simple language let assume you have searched something on the internet. Now how will the internet know where the query came from? Through the IP address, the internet knows that from where the query came from and where to send the data of query.

Now you have understood in simple language what the IP address is, so now we should talk about its types. Basically, there are two types of IP address but some types of IP addresses are also have types.

  • Public IP address
  • Private IP address

Public IP address

The public IP address is used for the internet to send and receive data. Internet service providers provides the public IP address to routers to communicate with the internet. Basically, every router has a public IP address that is used for the Internet and all devices connected to that router’s network have unique IP addresses called private IP addresses. By the public IP address, devices outside your router’s network recognize your router’s network and devices connected to the network. A user can be tracked through a public IP address.

Public IP addresses also have two types of IP addresses which is Static and dynamic IP address.

Types of the public IP address

Static IP address

The IP address that can not be changed is the static IP address. Once the static IP address is assigned to the device, it remains the same until the device is decommissioned or your network architecture changes it. If you host a website then you may need the static IP address because by the static IP address any websites or email addresses on it will be tied to a constant IP address. To understand it in the easy way you should think about an email address or your home address you never change and because of which its become easy to find the people, in the same way, static IP address works.

Dynamic IP address

A dynamic IP address is not always the same, it changes frequently. Internet service providers provides a dynamic IP address to their customers because they are cheaper and easy to maintain. Basically, ISP buys a big block of IP addresses and provides the IP addresses to their customer. After some time they change the IP addresses to the new one and put back the older one to be recycled for another customer. This whole process of assigning the IP address to users and then changing them is an automated process. Due to changing the IP address regularly its become difficult for hackers to hack your network.

Private IP address

Every device that is connected to the local network has a private IP address. Private IP address doesn’t receive or send the data to the internet. If you have a local network at your home or office then every device connected to that network have a private IP address. Private IP addresses are unique because of which the router identifies each device. If the IP address is not unique, then how the connected devices will identify each other and how they will communicate with each other? Therefore, the private network address of the local network device must be unique.

Types of IP addresses for websites

If you are going to own a website then you will need the hosting service providers. There are two types of website IP addresses one of which you have to choose according to your requirements.

  • Shared IP address
  • Dedicated IP address
Shared IP address

If you are going to have a small business website then shared IP address will be a good choice. You do not have your own server in the shared IP address, you share your server with other websites. If your website is not going to get much traffic, then the shared IP address is the best option for them as it is also cost-effective. Due to having a shared IP address, if other websites do something illegal on their website, then your website can also be blacklisted. Usually, this does not happen but it can happen due to the shared IP address.

Dedicated IP address

There is no fear of getting blacklisted due to the other websites doing some illegal activity. If you want to test your website before registering the domain, you can do that using a dedicated IP address. Other than testing your website you can also pull up your website using the dedicated IP address. There was a time when in order to use SSL certificate the dedicated IP address was required but now you can use SSL using Server Name Identification. But for using the SSL with shared IP address your hosting service provider should support it, that is why having the dedicated IP address makes the use of SSL certificate easier.

Versions of IP address

Now that you have understood the types of IP addresses then let’s talk about its versions. There are two versions of IP address and that is IPv4 and IPv6.


The full form of IPv4 is Internet protocol version 4 and most commonly IP address. IPv4 are 32-bit numbers presented in a dotted-decimal format which looks like XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX this. The IPv4 contains two primary parts he network prefix and the host number. All host in the same network contains the same IP address and they also contain unique IP address which uniquely identifies them.


You may have guessed the full form of IPv6 As the Internet is growing, the IP addresses of IPv4 are ending, so now we are moving to IPv6. IPv6 are 128-bit numbers represented with a colon (:) and hexadecimal numbers which looks like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 this. Because IPv6 has both numbers and alphabets, more unique IP addresses can be created than IPv4.