What is a SOHO or Home Router?

What is a SOHO or Home Router?

SOHO stands for small offices/Home and you may have understood by SOHO’s acronym that these type of routers are designed for small offices or home offices. Nowadays most of the small businesses prefer to work from home or maintain only a small office and small businesses need local area network (LAN) for their work. SOHO need a local area network and consist of 1o or less than 10 computers. As these types of networks are intended for small companies, printers and voice over IP (VoIP) and fax over IP technology may also be included. A SOHO network can be a small wired Ethernet Local area network (LAN) or can be a mixed network of wireless and wired computers.

Characteristics of SOHO

  • The first and basic characteristics of SOHO is that it is small offices in the size of both office space and number of employees.
  • SOHO can be understood by the smallest of the small businesses or self-employed people.
  • You may have misunderstood small business as SOHO but SOHO consists of 1 to 5 people while in a small business there are at least 5 to 10 people.

What is a SOHO network?

SOHO network is a Local Area Network (LAN) intended for small/micro businesses consist of less than 5 employees. If your business needs an advanced network then you should go for SOHO network otherwise home network is fine for you. Without investing a lot, Soho’s network will cover your needs that is why it is a perfect choice for self-employed or small businesses who needs advance network like the ones in big offices. You can connect up to 9 computers with SOHO network and the internet access provided by cable, DSL or ISDN. The best thing about SOHO network is that its costs are affordable and you don’t have to be an IT expert to set up the network which means you can easily set up the network.

Problems with SOHO network

Security issues are the biggest problem with the SOHO network. Due to their low budget, small businesses can not afford to hire professional staff to manage their networks. Because of their financial and community status, small businesses are often prime culprits of security threats. With the growth of the businesses, it becomes difficult to find how much to spend on the network infrastructure to fulfil the potential needs of the company. If a person spends too soon then their fund will be waste that is why it is important to know when you should spend and how much you should spend on your network infrastructure, which becomes difficult with SOHO network.

Do I need a SOHO network?

If you are self-employed or you mostly manage your work from home then the home network should be enough for unless you have a busy family in which everybody needs a higher speed internet. In case you have a business which needs an advanced technical software configuration then SOHO network will be a better option for you.