What is a wifi router or wireless router

Wireless router or WiFi router

Wireless router or WiFi router is a device through which you can connect to the Internet. It should be connected to the home broadband line so it can send data to your mobile, computer or any device you have connected to the WiFi.

Nowadays Almost all brands make wireless router because the wired router has become outdated. We can use the wireless router in LAN ( Local Area Network), wireless network or both. The wireless router contains two types of port LAN port and WAN port. Apart from LAN and WAN ports, the router also has antennas to catch wireless networks.

How does wireless routers works?

How does router work

A wireless router is connected to a cable or DSL Internet connection that uses radio frequencies waves to send and receive signals. After that, the signals coming from your computer converts into the radio signals. Now your WiFi router will receive the signal and decode it and then send it to to the internet using a wired connection.

The router also receives signals from the internet and then convert it into the radio signals and then send them to your computer, laptop, mobile or whatever devices you have connected to your WiFi router.

Benefits of a wireless router

  • The best thing about a wireless router is you can use the internet in several devices by connecting them to the router.
  • Unlike the wired router, you won’t have to stay at the same place, if you are using a wireless router then you can walk freely withing network range of your router.
  • You won’t need a cable to share files. You can share files to any devices that are connected to your router network.
  • Sometimes wireless router allows you to connect unlimited users as there is no limit specifying the number of connection ports.

Types of a wireless router

There are two kinds of wireless routers and both are used for a different purpose. The first type of WiFi router can be used the devices that come under the range of your router network. The second type of router is used to cover the wider area, these type of router mostly used for office application.

How to use the wireless router

How to use the router

First of all, you will have to connect your device to the wireless router. Once you have connected the device to your router you will be asked for the password of your router. You will easily find the username and password of your router at the bottom of your router. It will be the mixture of some random numbers and letters in uppercase and lowercase but it also will be difficult to remember and it surely can’t be guessed.

Take care of uppercase and lowercase while entering the password. After entering the password your device will be connected to the broadband automatically. In case you have connected and there is a signal but you are unable to access the internet then you will need to contact your broadband provider.